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This site is provided primarily for the benefit of sharing photographs and other information with members of my immediate and extended family and to provide web space for some of my interests.  (Access to these pages requires a specific URL.)


However, if you are looking for value for money holidays in Cornwall, you have found the right place! Our own holiday bungalow which is on a quiet holiday estate is available when not in use by the family. For more information click here.


If you are a Dannatt or have Dannatt ancestry, you may like to find out if we are related or to share information about Dannatts in general.  For example, do you know where the name originates?  If so, please do tell me!  Incidentally, my Dannatts all came from Lincolnshire.  You may like to go to: DANNATT GENEALOGY


Please feel free to contact me by clicking this link.


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